Ten Expert Travel Trends 

Tasmanian Devils, Egyptian Renaissance, South Korea, European Hop Scotch & The Marco Polo Effect

We polled our team of Destination Experts to see what trends they saw on the horizon for travel. Offering award–winning private guided tours to 95+ countries, our seasoned nomads, globetrotters & adventure enthusiasts came back with this wanderlust worthy list of insightful new travel trends & tips from around the world for those who really want to see it.

Back on the Bucket list 

Egyptian Allure

The Pyramid’s haven’t gone out of style, in fact the Land of the Pharaohs is back & better than ever. Those who spent the last few years mulling over Egypt are making plans to check it off their 2015 bucket lists. Savvy shoppers know that prices are going to rise & this may be the last chance to save on private Egyptologist guides, pyramid entries, lux properties & the most elite Nile cruises. Luckily jetsetters aren’t yet back “en masse,” which means that there are times that you can still have the Sphinx, Karnak, Valley of the Kings, or even the Pyramids of Giza to yourself.

Opening New Doors 


No denying the former kingdom of Burma is the epitome of exotic & has been on the hotlist for the past couple years, yet until recently there hadn’t been near enough in the way of hotels to keep up with demand. 2014 saw the launch of a lux collection Irrawaddy River cruises such as the Sanctuary Ananda, Belmond’s Orcaella & the AmaPura. For those that prefer to sleep on dry land, Hilton hotels just launched 2 of 6 new properties across the country & the Kempinski Nay Pyi Taw just opened its doors for President Obama in November 2014!

Can’t Be Ignored 

South Korea 

Travelers are finally looking past the western perception of this economic tiger & unveiling the true “Land of the Morning Calm.” 2015 sees globetrotters are catching on to the perks of this quirky Asian country long hidden by its less welcoming Northern counterpart’s shadow. From eco-adventures, long gone dynasties & chic high-tech cities to gorgeous beaches, unforgettable cuisine, irresistible cultural encounters & properties of every style, South Korea offers something for everyone, no matter what your travel style.

Motherland of Galapagos


This Latin American paradise holds four worlds in one, & the famed, animal-packed islands of the Galapagos are just a stepping stone to its incredible mainland of the lush Amazon, soaring Andes Mountains, & sparkling Pacific Coast.  The country has seen a spike in visitors from North America in the past year, reflecting increased interest in pre-Columbian culture, rainforest river cruises, the “Avenue of the Volcanos,” adrenaline adventures, & local gastronomic delights such as chocolate farms & fresh seafood.

Hard-core Honeymooners

Romance & Action 

Recently wed lovebirds are looking for more than just flower petals, champagne, a beach & privacy following their vows in 2015 (though these still remain an important part of the equation).  Kensington has seen a increase in requests from couples after dream honeymoons incorporating adventurous once-in-a-lifetime moments like Peru’s Machu Picchu, Patagonia’s Terri Del Fugo, scuba diving in Thailand, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, trekking in Bhutan & exploring Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Safaris, Sea & Thrills


Offering far more than just the quintessential safari, diamonds & watermelon wine, this Southern African gem is shining stronger than ever before & is packed with action & adventures. Celebrating 25 years of independence in 2015, there is skydiving, dune boarding & mobile safaris in the Namib Desert, kite surfing & dolphin sailings in Swakopmund, hot air balloon flights over Namib, Naukluft Park & climbing in Spitzkoppe, archeology in Twfelfontein & one can’t forget Sossusvlei’s Big Daddy.

European Hop Scotch

Hop, Skip & Jump 

Multi-country combos on the “continent” are gaining more popularity than ever. Europe’s hottest gems are just a hop-skip & a jump away with Kensington’s Specialists, who handle the complicated planning so travelers can make the most of every moment. Fashionable country combinations include:




Oz’s Southern Secret


Famous for its devilish creatures (yes they really do exist) Oz’s often overlooked isle has quietly been crawling up the globetrotter bucket list.  Located way (way) down under of the tip of Australia’s most southern state, 45% of “Tassie” is made up of reserves, national parks & World Heritage Sites, yet still offers incredible chic & culturally-packed sites. Whether one prefers to order it prix fixe or a la carte, Tasmania’s untamed spirit for outdoor adventure, great food, fabulous wines & natural wilds present pleasure for every traveler.

Memories Of The Magna Carta 


A mere 800 years ago, on June 15, 1215, King John of England signed a little something we know as the Magna Carta, changing western world’s concepts of freedom forever (though it certainly took time). To mark the anniversary, the British Library will put all the original charters on display. It’s the perfect reason for history buffs to delve deep into the movements of medieval kings, queens, church & state. Kensington’s Experts have designed educational tours with specialized guides with behind-the-scenes looks at famed museums, universities & historical landmarks.

Marco Polo’s Modern Day Counterparts

Critics are predicting that Netflix’s new series based on 13th century merchant explorer Marco Polo’s journey from Italy to China is destined to be a hit. Follow his 21st century counterparts on expeditions across the globe with Kensington Tours’ showcased on their Compass Blog. Learn about modern day adventurers intrepid George Kourounis, Michael Strandberg, Simon Donato, Jeff Fuchs & Mariellen Ward as they trek through the unexplored & unmapped regions of Madagascar, the Himalayas, India, Turkmenistan & Siberia.